To my Amigo’s & Amiga’s

Hey Friends,

First off I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog. You guys are all so great, and I really hope you enjoy whats going on here. There’s a matter that has been on my heart that and I feel like I should share . I just ask that you would read the whole of what I post and be open to the opinions I will share.

As most of you know I am a Christian. This blog has been a great way for me to open up my life, let people in and see what I am like, what I do like and how I spend my random days. So I feel like everyone knows me enough and realizes that I am truly just a normal person. If you’ve spent time with me, you’ll know that I mess up lots. Anyways, today my heart has been heavy with thoughts and I’ve enjoyed hearing God speak to me.

To the Christians I want to share this, which God spoke to me. Can I spend more time with the Lord? Can I trust in him through everything?  Can those of us who are Christians band together as one, put our differences aside, not cut each other down, and see change happen in the people around us? I feel like a growing trend in society is this huge loss of compassion. I want to have more compassion for those around me who face a hard day or who face a hard life. From all the places i’ve travelled and gotten to know people (Poland, England, Newfoundland, Ontario, Michigan, California, Saskatchewan, Alberta, etc.) can we be a people who truly set aside ourselves and care for those around us.  I believe in everyone I’ve met, and I know that God has placed EVERYONE in a specific family, group of friends, school, and city and he has equipped you with special characteristics and talents. God want’s us to be ourselves, and live without shame as a follower of Jesus. We aren’t to be timid. Can we all get God’s heart and set our eyes on the prize that God has for us, follow in his plan for our lives, give up the things that hold us back, and put our trust in God’s hands? Can we regain a desire and passion to know God more and to see the lost saved?

To the Non-Christians I want to say that I am not here to force God on anyone. But I firmly believe that God also has a plan for you, and that you too can live an abundant, joy filled life. I respect your views, and I respect all of you as people. I want to thank you for even respecting my beliefs. I pray that God will become real to you, and you can have close relationship with him. I can promise you, that I serve a real, caring and FUN God who cares about you and love’s you so much.  Thanks for everything you guys do, and thanks for taking time to read this. If you have any questions, or want to know how to accept Jesus into your life as your saviour, please contact me.

Love you all so much and I seriously want to thank you for viewing my ridiculous video’s and just viewing whats on here.

God Bless,



2 thoughts on “To my Amigo’s & Amiga’s

  1. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.It can be hard to be so real sometimes.
    One thing we all have in common..God created us! So we need to spend more time loving each other and praying for each other. There is a lost and dying world that needs to see Christians that are “Christ” like. If you want to reach the lost then we need to be different!
    Thanks for being a wonderful young man with a passion for people and sharing your talent through music,words and videos!
    God Bless!

  2. Hey MATT you know who this is or at least I hope you do it’s your old family friend stephanie from Montreal!!!! lol I just wanted to say that you are a real encouragement and that you should keep it up!!!! We need more people like you in our generation! I have been making it my prayer that young people be compassionate about God and really seek his face!
    I hope a lot of people read your BLOG!! and start thinking!!!

    THANKSSSSSSSSS A BUNCH TAKE care and hug your FAM for meeee

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